Encorp Secure

Encorp Secure delivers the next generation of Emergency Power System Supply Testing and Reporting System for healthcare facilities. With a single, web-based tool, Encorp Secure gives you the power to remotely monitor, test and manage generators for a single or multiple sites. With a click of a mouse, facilities managers can remotely initiate a start of all of the generators making up their facilities' EPSS. In order to ensure a safe "start environment" testing personnel may monitor the gensets via live video and audio feeds at each respective location.

After initiating the beginning of the test, Encorp Secure will independently send start signals to each of the generators and, after a specified time frame, begin the pre-determined test of each of the automatic transfer switches associated with the corresponding generator or bank of generators. This sequence repeats itself for each of the assets making up the facilities' EPSS. During this process, maintenance personnel may monitor the test status in real time from the Encorp Secure software, and if necessary, stop the testing procedure.

Following each test, a detailed, custom-configurable report is generated in hard copy and digital formats. In addition to addressing The Joint Commission's record keeping requirements, this historical information may be used to monitor any critical metrics which appear to be trending out of acceptable ranges over time. Similarly, selected equipment or system alarms are recorded and immediately communicated via a pre-determined communication protocol to email addresses or pagers.

Encorp Secure integrates application-specific software residing on a dedicated-use PC with Encorp's field-hardened proprietary hardware installed at each of the critical EPSS assets throughout the facility. The hardware, currently controlling over 900 MW of critical power generation at hundreds of facilities in North America, communicates with the Secure software via a shared or dedicated communication network. Our tenured project managers and field personnel are experienced in working with facility personnel in a turnkey or shared-responsibility fashion.

The best part of Secure is that it integrates with any legacy automatic transfer switches and generators, as well as existing IT infrastructure currently resident in your facilities. Encorp's 15-year experience base and unique intellectual property lies at the heart of Encorp Secure's architecture making it compatible with all other manufacturers' equipment.

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