Ten Reasons

Your Emergency Power Supply System is the foundation of your hospital's life-safety equipment. A fully operational and appropriately managed EPSS protects your hospital's patients, finances, accreditation and reputation. Encorp Secure is one of the industry's most advanced healthcare EPSS monitoring and testing systems. Why?

  1. Encorp Secure has simplified and streamlined EPSS management.
  2. Encorp Secure empowers facilities managers to remotely monitor and test all EPSSs from any computer via a standard web browser.
  3. Encorp Secure produces comprehensive reports of all EPSS test results to efficiently assure compliance with reporting requirements of the Joint Commission.
  4. Encorp Secure can be applied to all generators and automatic transfer switches of any age or manufacturer, in any location into a coherent, easy-to-manage EPSS network.
  5. Encorp Secure eliminates the time consuming and costly need to physically visit each site to run required monthly tests.
  6. Encorp Secure alerts facilities managers immediately of EPSS issues via the web, email and/or pager and enables them to manage most emergency from afar.
  7. During an emergency, Encorp Secure gives decision makers vital information right when they need it most.
  8. Encorp Secure's comprehensive record keeping system of EPSS data empowers managers to review unusual events, track trends over time and examine circuit loading from month-to-month to analyze hospital's EPSS vulnerabilities.
  9. Encorp Secure is designed for scalability and flexibility allowing an organization to start small and expand over time.
  10. Encorp Secure ensures your patient safety, regulatory obligations are met, revenue streams remain uninterrupted and liability is reduced.

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